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About The Artist

Oliver Momo Urdaneta 

A current undergraduate at The Ohio State University, scheduled to graduate in May of 2018. Working on a Bachelors of Fine Arts, specializing in Art and Technology. 

Artwork spans from activism art to simple portraiture and anything in between or unrelated. Many recent works are centered around transgender awareness and acceptance. My artwork speaks of personal struggles and conflicts; it helps represent those often forgotten and left in the shadows by media and society. Art is how I convey my own emotions and express myself when words are not enough. I turn my anger and resentment into something meaningful.  I try to tell a story in my art; a narrative that others can relate to and see themselves in. Vibrant, neon colors are often an important element in my work. The have connotations associated with them that I use to my advantage whenever possible. This is especially relevant when I make work centered around my experiences with diversity.

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