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Double Sided Screen Print

A double-sided screen printed poster capturing thoughts and emotions after top surgery and what I have experienced as a nonbinary trans person in this society. The first person I came out to told me, “You have tits, you’re a girl.” This hit me hard when it happened, nearly 5 years before this piece, and stuck with me ever sense. Every time I came out to someone, every time I tried to express myself I felt those words in the back of my head. I have had cis people tell me that they understand what its like to be trans more than I do, and that my art work isn’t trans enough. There is a constant war going on when you come out as trans. A war with society, a war with yourself, and a war with those who are close to you. Every time someone misgenders you it is like a blow to your gut. Every time you have to come out it’s like being on the front lines. Your body believes it has gone through war after surgery, because you are missing such a large chunk of yourself.

Piece was screen printed on both sides of a sheet of paper using White, Pink, Blue, and Black ink. The colors chosen represent the colors of the trans flag.

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